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Clean Room Emergency Telephone 3

In some workshops with high environmental requirements, ordinary telephones cannot meet the requirements of the production workshop. Some workshop-specific telephones have gradually entered the public's field of vision, such as dedicated telephones in clean workshops, embedded telephones in pharmaceutical factories, and so on.

The dust-free workshop dedicated telephone, the embedded telephone of the pharmaceutical factory adopts the core technology integration, the circuit design, the use of new components, so that the telephone can maintain smooth and high-quality telephone conversation even when the appearance is completely closed, even in the noise of electromechanical equipment. In the middle can also guarantee a smooth conversation. The surface of the product is completely seamless and smooth, completely free from dust, dust, easy to clean and disinfect.

The main functions are: double switch, redial, mute, occupy display and ringing light display. PE film printing panel, the surface is completely flat; thickness is 38mm, embedded installation, completely flat with the wall surface; waterproof function, the surface can be cleaned and sterilized; no need to pick up the earphones by hand to avoid contact pollution; touch button, fully built-in delivery Words and receivers; no space, no dust, no exposed telephone lines. The environmental requirements are ambient temperature -10~40 °C; relative humidity 35-75%; input voltage 9V; ambient noise 60dB (A).

Clean Room Emergency Telephone Operation Use

1. Call function: By setting a specific number, you can call by pressing the button;
2. Call function: press the call button to automatically enter the hands-free state; after the caller hangs up, the machine automatically hangs up; more than 30 seconds of silence during the call, the machine automatically hangs up.
3. Talk time: 7 minutes limit

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