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Curl Cable Handset 2
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Clean Room Emergency Telephone
Clean Room Emergency Telephone 2
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Curl Cable Handset
Curl Cable Handset 2
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Curl Cable Handset 2

Cell phone radiation has always been a problem that plagues mobile phone manufacturers. Since radiation cannot be completely eliminated, there are two major mobile phone radiation standards in the world, which stipulate the SAR value of mobile phones, that is, the amount of radiation that the human body can absorb per unit kilogram. Our country implements the European standard of 2.0 watts/kg, and the US standard is 1.6 watts/kg. But even if the SAR value of the mobile phone meets the standard, the radiation of the mobile phone is harmful to the human body. Recently, a lot of videos about mobile phone radiation have been circulating on the Internet. The response from mobile phone boiled eggs and mobile phone ignition is the strongest. Experts say this is not shocking. Recently, the Ingram Technology Group of Experts conducted an experiment to confirm that the radiation damage from mobile phones does exist. The experiment confirmed that the mobile phone was placed next to the mouse, and after a period of conversation, the cells in the mouse were more likely to have lesions. In the investigation and test of the mobile phone users by the expert group, it was found that the radiation damage of the brain is the most serious. In order to solve the problem that mobile phone radiation causes harm to the human body in the case that all mobile phones cannot avoid radiation, Yingpu Technology has introduced a wired mobile phone that is easy to change the original calling method. By using the ductility of the earphone, the mobile phone is separated from the human body, and the damage of the mobile phone radiation to the human body can be minimized.

The wired mobile phone developed by Yingpu Technology will effectively improve the fear of modern people's radiation on mobile phones. According to recent reports from the major media about the "radiation door", people today are paying more and more attention to health issues and have a deeper understanding of the dangers of radiation. As the largest source of radiation, mobile phones have become the biggest health hazard. A network red man who was called "Terrorist Woman" by netizens published an article on his blog saying that it will soon be alive, and every day the various radiations have already plagued her. In fact, "the fear of women" is only a lens in this social phenomenon. Some medical experts say that when using products with radiation like mobile phones, they should pay attention to the development of their own good habits. The humanity of wired mobile phones in this respect. The design is a good medicine to solve this problem. It can be said that mobile phones are now equipped with external headphones, but such headphones are basically no good for health. Imagine that when a call comes in, the first common reaction is to pick up the phone and answer the call. Or do you first take out the headset that has been rolled into a ball? After a while, most of the headphones are swayed. The Indy mobile phone's self-contained built-in headphones will greatly improve this phenomenon, and the mobile phone radiation problem has also been overcome.

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