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Curl Cable Handset

Modern society is an era full of various electronic products. Walking on the street, we can see a variety of mobile phones, PSPs, e-books, laptops and so on. The development of science and technology has indeed penetrated into a huge impact on our lives, but development is a double-edged sword, and the technological pollution brought about by it is increasing day by day. Among them, the one closest to us is radiation. In the modern life, mobile phones, televisions, computers and other electronic products are basically essential products, and in terms of radiation, it is the most serious mobile phone, because it is the longest and the longest. In order to prevent the mobile phone from radiating to the head in June 2010, Yingpu Communication Technology successfully developed a “built-in telescopic headset” mobile phone in June 2010, called “wired mobile phone”. The built-in earphone and the earphone cable are directly pulled out from the mobile phone, and after the call is completed, the earphone and the earphone cable can be automatically retracted into the mobile phone. In this way, not only the head is kept away from the radiation of the mobile phone, but also the hands are liberated.

Technical principle editing

Wired mobile phone" - New York Times Square Reuters big screen officially unveiled.

The built-in telescopic headphone module of this "wired phone" seems simple, but the technology is extremely high.

Yingpu Communication Technology Development Co., Ltd. lasted for 5 years and brought together many world science and technology experts. From the development of polymer materials, new composite materials, to the continuous innovation of technology, the breakthrough of ordinary earphone cable can only be broken after several hundred windings. The bottleneck has reached the service life requirement of tens of thousands of times of winding up, and at the same time, it has to overcome the technical barriers of many devices such as driving, clutching, decelerating, and wire-receiving in a very small module...

At present (2010) this technology has obtained patent intellectual property protection in dozens of countries and regions such as the European Union, China, the United States, and Japan. At the same time, Yingpu believes that this technology is also difficult to be copied.

In addition, this technology will be extended to small mobile network terminals such as IPAD and notebook computers or music video terminals such as MP4 and MP5 in the future.

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