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Embedded Public Emergency Telephone 3
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Embedded Public Emergency Telephone 2
Embedded Public Emergency Telephone 3
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Embedded Public Emergency Telephone 3

The tunnel under construction in the tunnel is characterized by noisy sound at the scene, and the signal is weakened or no signal as the length of the excavation moves deeper. Normally, when the ambient noise exceeds 90 decibels, the ringtones of ordinary telephones often cannot allow the staff to hear the ringtones, resulting in the production scheduling instructions not being communicated in time, resulting in economic losses. The tunnel emergency intercom phone is specially designed for the high-humidity environment of all kinds of tunnels. It has the characteristics of high protection, low power consumption, dust and moisture resistance, strong anti-noise ability and clear and loud sound. After several times of ringing of the system phone (default 5 times), the phone automatically picks up the phone, and the calling party can broadcast the call, and the voice will be broadcast to the nearby construction personnel through the external speaker.

Embedded Public Emergency Telephone Features

The system mainly meets the needs of the working face and external voice communication, production scheduling, emergency rescue and emergency handling. When the constructor presses the button of the emergency telephone, the emergency telephone server accepts the call of the telephone, and the call between the duty room and the emergency telephone establishes a call. The duty room operator can call any of the phones or dial or broadcast via software. The system uses a wireless bridge for signal transmission, which greatly reduces the risk of the failure rate of the communication line being dug. The system has call recording and calls inquiry functions.

Embedded Public Emergency Telephone Function

1. Can accept calls from emergency road extensions on the roadside of the jurisdictional section. The primary call emergency call identification can be displayed on the console.

2. The menu display contents mainly include: signal section station number; signal transmission time; accident type; help content; service item information; the operator can input information by keyboard or mouse.

3. The emergency telephone console can automatically record the function. The recording is stored on the hard disk by digital recording and sub-event. There are remaining storage time prompts during recording, and the playback is completed by keyboard operation. Automatic printing, ringing and two serial communication interfaces.

4. The attendant can call the emergency telephone extension in any tunnel in the center. The call operation can be performed by simply double-clicking the icon on the desktop, and the duplex call is automatically established after the attendant picks up the phone.

5. It can perform manual and automatic testing of the system and automatically display system test results.

6. Can store and display simultaneous calls.

7. The connection extension can be interrupted and maintained.

8. The tunnel station emergency telephone console computer and the monitoring sub-center emergency telephone console computer are connected to the monitoring computer network by using the local area network.

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