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Flush Mount Emergency Telephone 4

The telephone is divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof walkie-talkies from the use environment, but the general user chooses the explosion-proof telephone is not very meaningful, if the special environment must use explosion-proof telephone.

How to distinguish between telephone explosion protection and non-explosion protection?

1. The appearance of an explosion-proof telephone is no different from that of a normal telephone, but the material and physical characteristics used are quite different from those of a normal model. Explosion-proof phones certified by the US Explosion Protection Research Agency (FMRC) can be used in hazardous locations. The classification of hazardous locations can also be found in the National Electrical Code (NEC), the official text of which is available from the National Fire Protection Association, document number: NFPA/70.

2. The explosion-proof certification mark (FM) is attached to the bottom of the explosion-proof telephone or the obvious place of the walkie-talkie product, indicating that the explosion-proof walkie-talkie has passed the explosion-proof certification. Next to the explosion-proof mark, the hazardous environment level that can be used for the walkie-talkie, the explosion-proof telephone battery number that must be used together, the user manual number, and the applicable temperature code are indicated. As long as it is used strictly in accordance with the scope of the regulations, it can ensure safety.

Flush Mount Emergency Telephone Use

Production or transportation and storage of fuels or chemicals, chemical plants, tanker warehouses, places with a lot of fine sand and dust in the air, flour processing plants, linen processing plants, mechanical processing workshops and coal processing sites. In the above environment, in order to ensure normal work and improve work efficiency, it is still necessary to use the walkie-talkie as a necessary communication tool. At this point, an explosion-proof phone should be used.

Depending on whether the environment in which the phone is used meets the requirements of the corresponding standards and passes the test, it can be used in a designated explosive environment. The general requirement for gas protection is IIC (hydrogen-grade explosion-proof is a meaning), and the more stringent requirement is “intrinsically safe”, that is, “by controlling the energy level of the equipment itself, making it work or fault conditions. The lower conditions are lower than the critical conditions for igniting the explosive gas, and no spark is generated or higher than the temperature at which the explosive gas is ignited, without being shielded or blocked by other means.
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