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Flush mount emergency telephone 5

A tamper-proof walkie-talkie is a walkie-talkie that can work in an explosive atmosphere. Unlike the civilian walkie-talkie, the anti-vandal walkie-talkie does not refer to the walkie-talkie that can resist the explosion, but refers to the walkie-talkie that can work in an explosive atmosphere. Applicable to industries with harsh environment and dangerous flammable gas or dust such as petrochemical, coal mine, chemical, thermal power, food processing and other industries. We know that walkie-talkies rely on electromagnetic waves to transmit signals, and the transmission of electromagnetic waves relies on the continuous conversion of electric and magnetic fields, which is prone to sparks during this conversion process. The tamper-proof walkie-talkie is shielded because of the special handling of its lines.
According to the user's use situation, the comprehensive aspects can be basically divided into the following types of situations:

First, the oil industry. The anti-vandal walkie-talkie is mainly used for equipment maintenance and daily inspections in the petroleum industry. It requires the walkie-talkie talk and standby time to be a work shift. When the next work shift is used, the backup battery can be used normally. When used, it is required to be not afraid of falling, the call distance is long, and the sound quality is clear.

Second, the chemical industry. There are many similarities with the petroleum industry, but because the size of the chemical industry is relatively small compared to the oil industry, more attention is paid to cost accounting when purchasing products.

Third, public security fire. In view of the special nature of public security fire protection, the models currently used in large quantities are GP328, GP338, TK3160IS, and TC700ex.

Fourth, other industries. Most of these enterprises are in the inflammable and explosive factory area, and are in a factory area with non-flammable and explosive factories, but there are obvious sub-regions. Such companies generally use products that meet the national explosion-proof certification.

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