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Flush Mount Emergency Telephone 6

The tamper-proof walkie-talkie is no different from the normal walkie-talkie, but it is quite different from the normal model in terms of materials and physical properties. Explosion-proof walkie-talkies are accompanied by an FM/ATEX-certified label to indicate that the product has been certified by the association for use in specific hazardous gases. At the same time, the label will clearly indicate the hazard level/branch/group and the part number of the battery that must be used.

Since the contact spark generated during the disassembly and assembly of the walkie-talkie may cause an explosion or fire, the user cannot replace the battery and other accessories in a hazardous environment during the use of the anti-vandal walkie-talkie. Even products certified by an explosion-proof inspection agency cannot expose the accessory connector when used in a hazardous atmosphere. If the user does not need to use the accessory connector, it should be tightly shielded with a dust cover.

Flush Mount Emergency Telephone Features

Unlike tamper-proof walkie-talkies and civilian walkie-talkies, in addition to the high performance of working in special environments, other advanced functions are also required. It can achieve a crisper, more loud voice quality, and maintain unimpeded communication links even in noisy environments.

Due to the possibility of arcing or electrostatic discharge when ordinary mobile phones and other communication tools are launched, it may even cause a fire under certain conditions. The fourth section of Chapter 4 of the “China Petroleum Gas Station Management Code” clearly stipulates that it is strictly forbidden to use ordinary communication tools at the fueling site and the tank farm.

In this high-risk environment, professional explosion-proof communication tools must be used for communication. Developed for environments with harsh environments and dangerous flammable gases or dusts such as petrochemical, coal, chemical, thermal power, food processing and other industries.

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