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Flush Mount Emergency Telephone 7

Outdoor waterproof phone, suitable for supporting a variety of public and industrial phones for docks, ports, power plants, scenic spots, commercial streets and other outdoor places, can be used for weatherproof, sunscreen, anti-noise, product decoration.

Flush Mount Emergency Telephone Product Type

Pavilions, telephone booths, public kiosks, guard posts, wind and rain booths, weatherproof stations, public telephone booths, anti-noise telephone booths,
Industrial anti-noise silencer phone booth_outdoor public noise enclosure.

Flush Mount Emergency Telephone Product Performance

The outdoor waterproof phone is made of FRP. The interior decorative sound-absorbing cotton is equipped with a special silencer hole. It can be used in a large noise environment. It can reduce the environmental noise from 115-120DB to 90-95DB. It is suitable for nuclear power plants, ships, offshore platforms, power plants, steel. High noise environment such as smelter, petroleum and petrochemical industry.

 The telephone in the telephone booth can be selected according to the requirements of the user. It has explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof telephones with sound and light speakers. The telephone system can be freely grouped, group call, group call, single call, and self-function detection.

Flush Mount Emergency Telephone Features

1. Built-in silencer and sound-absorbing cotton design can greatly reduce external environmental noise.
2. TUV third-party detection to reduce noise at least 23DB
3. FRP material, can be suitable for a variety of harsh environments, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, high temperature, flame retardant.
4. Wall-mounted installation, beautiful appearance.
5. It is made of acrylic material and has a strong plastic appearance.
6. Size can be customized, the appearance color can be selected.

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