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Flush Mount Emergency Telephone

Explosion-proof telephones use protective components and safety barriers to ensure the reliability of safety spark performance. Its ringing coil, induction coil and other components are sealed with epoxy resin, so the explosion-proof telephone is safe and reliable in the oxygen chamber, and it is an intrinsically safe device.

Flush Mount Emergency Telephone Notes

1. After two years of use, the explosion-proof telephone should be returned to the factory in time to re-test and determine the explosion-proof level, so as to avoid accidents caused by the long-term use of reducing the explosion-proof level.

2. Explosion-proof phones Do not replace batteries and other accessories in hazardous environments. Contact sparks generated during disassembly and assembly can cause an explosion or fire. Even products that are certified by an explosion-proof inspection agency should not be exposed to the accessory connector when used in a hazardous atmosphere. When the accessory connector is not required, it should be tightly shielded with a dust cover.

3. The explosion-proof telephone logo is printed on the telephone, indicating that the telephone has passed the explosion-proof certification. The explosion-proof mark nameplate indicates the hazardous environment level that can be used for the explosion-proof phone, the battery part number that must be used together, the user manual number, and the temperature code.

4. Explosion-proof phones must use explosion-proof batteries. Safety can only be ensured if it is used strictly in accordance with the scope of the regulations. The explosion-proof mark must be affixed before the product is shipped from the manufacturer. It is absolutely forbidden to “upgrade” to an explosion-proof product at other locations and attach an explosion-proof mark.

5. Do not disassemble the products certified by the explosion-proof testing organization in any way. The modified intercom opportunity changes the original design structure of the explosion-proof telephone hardware. Only the original manufacturer of the product can be modified in a production site certified by an explosion-proof testing agency. Unauthorized modifications will void the explosion-proof certification of this product.

6. When charging the whole machine, the power switch should be turned off, and the call transmission operation should not be performed at the same time when charging, so as to avoid accidental burning of components or batteries.

7. When using, do not use the antenna to remove the antenna. Do not bend the antenna.

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