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Industrial Broadcasting Station 2
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Industrial Broadcasting Station 2
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Industrial Broadcasting Station 2

The broadcast telephone can realize remote broadcasting and intercom using a pair of telephone lines. It can amplify the telephone voice and can talk with the caller, and get rid of the traditional public broadcasting. The telephone broadcast interface can only broadcast the non-intercommunication. Disadvantages. It also has a GSM/CDMA radiotelephone broadcast intercom function, which is convenient for occasions where it is not possible to wire. Long-distance calls and intercoms can be achieved. This machine can be used in combination with the monitoring system. For the suspicious situation detected by the monitoring system, the management personnel can quickly dial the machine to make a call, scare the thieves and correct the irregular behavior in time. And in the control room, the sound of the scene is recorded into the computer, and the recorded content is easy to analyze and find the cause of the accident to reduce the phenomenon of accidental distraction. This machine can also be used in conjunction with road monitoring. For the illegal vehicles or people detected by the monitoring system, the management personnel can quickly dial the machine to clear the traffic road and make the road more unobstructed.

It is industrially suitable for use in places where the ambient noise exceeds 90 decibels. Such as steel plant workshops, coal preparation plants, power plant rooms, mines, tunnels, etc.

Industrial Broadcasting Station Features

1. Shell: aluminum alloy casting, strong anti-riot
2. Door cover: When the phone cover is opened, the flip fastening mechanism mechanically supports the phone cover to be fixed and open, without the need to hand over the door cover. When the phone is used up and the upper cover is rotated, the door cover can automatically bounce back, and the cover and the body are completely closed by the mechanical force of the solid body of the flip cover to prevent the door cover from loosening due to external interface vibration or strong wind, so as to ensure better waterproof and dustproof performance. 
3. Handle: special ABS engineering plastic, anti-knock, tensile, anti-riot
4. Wire: Teflon wire, strong acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, anti-aging
5. Waterproof glue: imported GBZ waterproof glue, high viscosity, high-temperature resistance, high pressure
6. Handle to the receiver, keyboard, buzzer, circuit board, shell all accessories use multi-layer waterproof, dustproof structure. It has three levels of waterproof and dustproof functions, and the whole machine has reached the national standard GB4028-93IP66.
7. The phone has good stability and strong anti-interference ability. The earpiece adopts moving coil, electret structure, eliminates background noise, has strong electric ringtone or flashes external signal. The whole machine meets the national standard GB/T 15279-94.
8. With sound amplification: When the ambient noise exceeds 90 decibels, the ringtones of ordinary telephones often cannot allow the staff to hear the ringtones, resulting in the production scheduling instructions not being timely conveyed, resulting in economic losses. KNSP-08 can amplify the ringing tone and broadcast it through the speaker. At the same time, the ringtone is counted. After several ringings (set to 5 times at the factory), the machine automatically picks up the phone, and the calling party can broadcast the call, and its voice will be broadcasted to the nearby work and maintenance through the speaker of the machine. personnel.
9. After detecting one of the following conditions, the amplified part of the unit automatically exits the amplified call and goes offline with the telephone line to enter the standby state.
10. During the call, the called party can also take off the handle and call the caller, and the PA system will automatically shut down.
11. The called party can also pick up the phone during ringing.
12. During the standby period, the 24V power supply is automatically turned off, and the power is turned on only when the ringing current is triggered, making the machine work safer and more reliable.

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