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Industrial Broadcasting Station 3
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Industrial Broadcasting Station 3

With the advent of the era of electronic information, broadcasting, as a traditional carrier of mass information transmission, has the characteristics of a wide audience, high timeliness and strong practicability. It is a social civilization, public security, political economy, and learning and education. Production and life play an irreplaceable role. In particular, the current broadcast has been widely used in emergency warning, disaster relief, command and rescue, and on-site management. Limited to the traditional use and control is far from the need to meet the needs of the actual use, the existing use and control methods are the use of full-time personnel to control the management of broadcast, broadcast open, broadcast and close, this form for the most It is necessary to use the grassroots layer of broadcasting, such as township (town) villages or small units. Because of the lack of financial resources and manpower, it is impossible to support specialized personnel, and broadcasting cannot be used normally. Second, the computerized intelligent program management that has been adopted is realized. Fully automatic unattended broadcast, the adoption of this method has played a good role in terms of saving manpower and financial resources. However, in the emergency response and on-site command, there is a lack of flexibility and mobility. The public information that needs to be communicated urgently cannot be timely conveyed. Especially in the case of emergency forecasting, life is a life, and it is impossible to correctly convey information to the audience in the quickest way. It is impossible to fully reflect the role of broadcasting. It is important and urgent for the application and development of smartphone PA broadcasting for this new important issue.

The smartphone broadcast broadcasting fundamentally solves the problem of poor mobility of the existing broadcasting equipment in use. As long as it picks up modern universal communication tools such as telephones, mobile phones, and PHS, it is connected with the smartphone. The telephone can pass the public information of the first time to any broadcast front end whenever and wherever. The development and application of this technology can fully realize the timeliness, maneuverability and flexibility of the broadcast, and the broadcast can be unattended. Under the premise, the fully automatic broadcast operation of the broadcast is realized.

With it, it is super convenient to find someone by radio. As long as there is a telephone, you can dial the phone to broadcast, and you can talk. No need to go to the radio room to call the microphone. It is very suitable for the company's internal broadcast to find people or broadcast notices, etc. This machine is also very suitable for business owners and other management personnel to travel outside, in case of urgent need to find someone in the company, then you can pick up the mobile phone in the hands of the company anytime, anywhere. By dialing the radio number, you can immediately find the person you are looking for. And you can talk to you right away. 

In an emergency, the leader can broadcast the voice through the broadcasting system anytime and anywhere, immediately enter the state of emergency organization and processing, or a headquarters broadcast one or several branches dozens of kilometers away, requesting the source of the broadcast. A power amplifier device that is mobile or remote from the broadcast system, which can utilize the mobile phone and public telephone network to complete the remote broadcast.

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