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Industrial Broadcasting Station
Industrial Broadcasting Station
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Industrial Broadcasting Station
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Industrial Broadcasting Station

  • Overview
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Modern urban power, communication, gas and other pipelines are intricately laid. With the country attaches great importance to and promotes the construction of urban underground integrated pipe corridors, higher requirements are placed on the communication requirements in the integrated pipe corridor.
Based on the characteristics of the industry, the company expands and integrates the commonly used video and audio services on the company's unified communication solution platform. For the first time, it integrates functions such as voice exchange, scheduling, conference, recording, broadcasting, and alarm on the same platform. The integration of video to achieve the efficient emergency response. The solution not only inherits the high reliability of the original TDM network but also realizes standardization of the interface and simple deployment.

Industrial Broadcasting Station Product Description

The industrial sip phone is based on the characteristics of the place used. The outer casing is integrally cast by all-metal aviation technology. It has good structural stability, waterproof and dustproof structure design, and strong anti-destructive performance. The whole machine meets the national standard GB4028-93. IP67 requirements;
Applicable to underground pipe corridors, subways, light rails, highways, ships, mines, power plants, steel companies, etc. for environmental protection with special requirements such as moisture, fire, noise, and antifreeze;

Industrial Broadcasting Station Fiber Access Technical Parameters

Support standard FC interface
Compliant with IEEE802.3u, 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX standards
Support IEEE802.3x flow control function
Built-in 288KB buffer, storage and forwarding support 2046Bytes, pass-through mode package unlimited
Support store-and-forward or pass-through mode
Support full-duplex / half-duplex working mode
Port supports Auto-MDI/MDIX auto flip

Industrial Broadcasting Station Appearance Features

The appearance of the IP phone is very close to that of a regular telephone. It is usually a classic square and can be mounted on the desktop or wall.
The IP phone provides RJ45 network port interface or WIFI signal, and there is no RJ11 ordinary telephone line interface.

IP phones usually have a few more buttons than regular phones, for richer call functions, such as menu buttons, transfer buttons (instead of the hook ), conference button, pause button, mute button, headset button, volume adjustment Keys, navigation keys, etc.

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