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Industrial Waterproof Telephone 3
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Industrial Waterproof Telephone 3
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Industrial Waterproof Telephone 3

The phone is suitable for use in subways, highways, power plants, oil stations, mines, docks, steel companies, large-scale projects, etc., which have special requirements for moisture, fire, noise, dust, frost, and vandalism. The whole machine is designed according to the stability requirements under the environment of minus 35 degrees to zero upper 75 degrees, and its technical indicators are at the international leading level.

Industrial Waterproof Telephone Operational Use

1. Picking/hanging mode: picking/hanging mode is the handle control mode, off-hook is on, and on-hook is disconnected
2. Answer the call: When there is an incoming call, the phone rings, remove the handle, you can talk to the other party, and hang up the handle after the call is finished.
3. Make a call: Remove the handle and you can talk directly to the set number.
The main technical parameters
1. Applicable to various program-controlled switches and dispatching switches and dispatching switch systems with a feeding voltage of 33-60V
2. Temperature: -25~75 Relative humidity: 10%~95% Atmospheric pressure: 86~106 Kpa Ambient noise: ≤60dB(A)
3. Ringing level: ≥70dB
4. When the subscriber line is 3KM, the signal level is standard Frequency: Low-frequency group: 697-941Hz High-frequency group: 1209-1477Hz
 Frequency offset: no more than ±1.5% High and low-frequency level difference of combined signal: 2±1dB
The total distortion caused by harmonic intermodulation is at least 20dB lower than the basic level
5. Call transmission index: SLR ≤ 12, RLR ≤ -1, STMR ≥ 10, output impedance: 600 Ω
6. With super 12 group number storage memory dialing function (up to 16 digits per group number)
7. On the 0.8mm cable core, the subscriber line can be up to 7KM long

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