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Industrial Waterproof Telephone

The waterproof telephone is made of all-metal aviation technology for the characteristics of the place to be used. It has good structural stability and special waterproof and dustproof structure design. It has strong anti-destructive performance and the whole machine meets the national standard GB4028. -93 IP66 requirements; a SIP voice intercom product specially developed for the needs of industrial users. The voice transmission adopts the standard IP/RTP protocol, which inherits the advantages of Kunlun phone compatibility and is perfectly compatible with the present. All SIP-based mainstream IP PBX/Softswitch/IMS platforms, such as Asterisk, Broadsoft, 3CX, Elastix, etc., provide users with the convenience of quickly deploying devices.

Industrial Waterproof Telephone Product Use

The excellent adaptability of the waterproof phone in a harsh environment determines its demand in many fields. The waterproof telephone is suitable for use in subways, light rails, highways, ships, mines, power plants, steel companies, etc., which have special requirements for moisture, fire, noise, and antifreeze.

Industrial Waterproof Telephone Features

1.Shell: It is die-casted with aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with high-temperature anti-static reflective paint, which has the characteristics of moisture-proof and anti-violence; the whole machine protection grade is IP66. The outer casing is sturdy and durable, and the sealing is good; the surface is sprayed with imported reflective paint, the color is eye-catching, and it does not fade in 5-10 years.

2.Button: waterproof industrial button keyboard, wear resistance and corrosion resistance is relatively strong, contact resistance 30 ohms. Service life 1 million times. Pressing force 160-200 grams.

3.Handle: It adopts special ABS engineering plastics, integrated structure, good sealing performance, can not be broken by tapping, twisting and pulling without deformation, and can be used in -40~70 degree environment.

4.Hook: the material is the high-grade zinc alloy, stamped and molded, through the magnetic sensor switch control handle open and close, the service life is 500,000 times.

5.External 25-30W tweeter, the highest volume up to 120 dB, suitable for broadcast in a wide range or high noise environment.

6. Waterproof performance: handles to the receiver, keyboard, buzzer, circuit board, shell all accessories use multi-layer waterproof, dust-proof structure, the machine level reaches the national standard GB4028-93 IP67.
7. With automatic pick-up, the on-hook control function can automatically enter and exit the PA call state.

8. When the phone is in standby, it has zero power consumption.

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