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Outdoor Emergency Phone Tower 3
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Outdoor Emergency Phone Tower 3
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Outdoor Emergency Phone Tower 3

The general outdoor emergency telephone tower will be combined with the signal tower to fully utilize the function of the signal tower. The establishment of communication base stations must meet the requirements for protecting the health of the people. The communication base station must be separated from the residents by a certain distance according to the transmission power and the radiation size. China's law stipulates that the construction of communication base stations must meet the requirements of the "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations" and "Environmental Electromagnetic Wave Sanitation Standards". The electric field strength is less than 12 volts per meter, or the power density is less than 40 microwatts per square centimeter, which is in compliance with safety standards. The general mobile company's signal transmission tower is 45 meters, or the communication antenna is installed 15 to 50 meters away from the ground. This range is higher than ordinary residential buildings and does not affect people's health. It is also because of this requirement of the signal tower that the signal tower often appears in the suburbs and on the mountains. These locations are often the places where people are most likely to be missing, so signal towers are often used as outdoor emergency telephone towers.

The harmfulness of radiation pollution and air pollution are recognized as the world's three major pollutions. It is chronic damage to humans, can damage the brain, cause a headache, dizziness, fatigue, memory loss; can cause cancer cells of normal people; affect the child's intellectual development; can lead to fetal malformation. There is a report on the Internet: 25 people in a building have died of leukemia or cancer due to radiation due to the presence of mobile phone base stations. Therefore, in the “Regulations on the Management of Public Mobile Communication Base Stations” in all provinces and cities, it is clearly stated that: When new base stations are selected, they should avoid densely populated areas as much as possible. In residential areas, priority should be given to setting up on non-residential buildings. 

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