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Outdoor Emergency Phone Tower

The outdoor emergency telephone tower is more common with a civilian two-wheel emergency signal tower. The signal tower of the two-wheel emergency signal tower is more than 40 meters high. It is mainly used for the emergency use of special natural disaster residents, and can also be used as the signal transmission base point of urban WIFI.

According to the classification of communication tower structures, steel towers are generally classified into the following types from the types of steel materials.

1. Angle steel tower

The main material and the web are mainly made of angle steel. According to different cross-section variables, there are triangular towers, four-cornered towers, pentagonal towers, hexagonal towers, and octagonal towers. The most commonly used communication is the four-corner tower and the triangular tower.

2. Steel tube tower

The main material is the steel pipe, oblique steel and other iron towers made of angle steel or steel pipe. According to the cross-sectional shape, the same angle steel tower is used. The most used communication is the three-tube tower and the four-tube tower.

3. Single tube tower (single tube tower)

Cantilever structure made of single large diameter steel pipe throughout the tower 4. Mast or cable tower High-rise steel structure consisting of a central column and a rope (or cable).

The safety distance of the construction signal tower to the house is more than 200 meters. The signal tower is a wireless signal transmitting device established by China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other network operators. It is called a signal tower. It is also a form of a public radio station, which refers to a radio transceiver station that transmits information to and from a mobile telephone terminal through a communication switching center in a certain radio coverage area.

Since the popularity of wireless cities, the signal tower has been used as a signal transmission base for urban WIFI. Some people refer to a tower as a base station, such as a "telecom base station," which connects a fixed part to a wireless part and wirelessly transmits the equipment connected to the mobile station over the air.

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