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Plant broadcasting telephone 2
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Plant Broadcasting Telephone 4
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Clean Room Emergency Telephone
Clean Room Emergency Telephone 2
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Plant broadcasting telephone 2
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Plant broadcasting telephone 2

Industrial mobile phones do not have a keyboard, no LCD screen, and its function is completely dependent on the software. In recent years, due to the gradual saturation of the global civilian mobile phone market, competition has become increasingly cruel. Some big chip makers are gradually showing the advantage of manufacturing costs. Wavecom gradually withdrew from the civilian mobile phone market and fully expanded the industrial mobile phone market for machine-to-machine communication such as industrial control and automotive electronics.
Plant Broadcasting Telephone Use

1. Office SMS service

Text messages on the website are generally in the form of web pages to send text messages. The most commonly used language for developing websites is java, php, and asp. Jindi has a development kit for the corresponding language. If you purchase the database middleware, as long as you insert the SMS to be sent to the database, it will be queued for automatic transmission. Operating a database with a language, the average programmer will not be too difficult.

2. Computer room monitoring and editing

Some industrial mobile phones can directly support short message devices. Some industrial mobile phones support email alarms, and emails can be associated with short messages to achieve the effect of SMS alarms.

3. Industrial Control Editor

When you want to transfer the data to the place you want, the cable is unrealistic, when the satellite is too expensive, when the city lights, bus big screen, POS, electricity, gas, earthquake, meteorological information are difficult to receive, you can consider industrial mobile phones.

4. Outlook Editor

The industrial mobile phone module DTP_S09 is still based on GSM/GPRS, and the future should be embedded operating system + wireless communication module. In other words, the future industrial mobile phone is an operating system that includes wireless communication.

5. Application case editing

Industrial mobile phone short MMS send and receive picture files, GPRS real-time data transmission, industrial control, remote sensing, telemetry, etc.

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