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Plant Broadcasting Telephone 4

Industrial analog telephone system solutions are generally divided into two types of installation and transmission methods: intelligent broadcasting and IP network broadcasting systems. Modern factory buildings and new construction projects require the construction of a factory broadcasting system, which can realize regular factory commuting, background music automatic playback, and fire protection. Broadcast linkage switching, priority fire broadcast, emergency broadcast. The intelligent timed broadcast is an important function of the factory broadcast system. After editing, it can automatically play the ringing tone or music. The background music is automatically played, and the partition can be set according to the production workshop and office. The factory broadcast system is mainly used to produce scheduled broadcasts, play background music during breaks, broadcast factory announcements, corporate culture, or leadership speeches.

 Design Analysis of Factory Industrial Analog Telephone System

1. Factory background music system in public areas Setting background music in public areas creates a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. With the continuous improvement of people's cultural quality and the constant updating of ideology, the use of background music in public areas is no longer limited to other public places, and it has been widely used in all modern buildings. When selecting the equipment, the factory should select equipment with stable performance and long service life according to the funding situation.

2. Production management broadcasts are set up according to the production workshop, office or floor. The factory broadcasts mainly for production scheduling and management of broadcasts. It can also broadcast music or radio programs regularly, which can relax tension and eliminate fatigue. effect.

3. Emergency Industrial Analog Telephone System, Emergency Public Broadcasting In the design of intelligent factory buildings, it is usually listed as a linkage part of automatic fire control, and in actual construction, it is carried out as part of the industrial analog telephone system. In industrial analog telephone systems, fire broadcasts have priority, and the signals to which they are sent should be unconditionally unobstructed, including cutting off all other broadcasts and the on and off sound controllers. All speakers in the corresponding area should be fully powered. There is an express provision in the fire code that the fire broadcast should be in the form of N+1. When the fire protection system sends a warning area signal to the system after the second confirmation, the system will perform the signal without any separate confirmation, and automatically realize the N+1 function, and automatically start the recorded broadcast information or manually play. The accident broadcast, in addition, the fire zone controller should also have two functions of manual switching and full cutting, which can be arranged by the user according to the actual needs of the fire protection system.

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