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Plant Broadcasting Telephone 5

The industrial analog telephone system mainly provides partition calls, production scheduling broadcasts and background music broadcasts for various broadcasting areas, mainly including production workshops, offices, public areas, stairwells, and the aisle broadcasting system mainly consists of background music, zone calls, and fire broadcasts. The host processes the components, and the system reserves the fire linkage interface to implement N+1 broadcast.

Based on the characteristics of the modern new factory, industrial analog telephone systems are installed in the modern factory. The industrial analog telephone system we often talk about now consists of three parts: the background music system in the public area, the production management broadcast, and the emergency intercom broadcast. The IP network broadcasting system is based on the existing computer network construction. It does not need to be separately wired during installation. The program transmission based on the IP network is a purely digital network broadcast in the true sense. The system analog part adopts the wired constant voltage transmission mode, and the transmission voltage is 70V or 100V.

Factory Industrial Analog Telephone System System Project Description
Set up a broadcast monitoring center in the integrated service building, set up broadcast access points in each workshop, and connect through the factory optical network. Each broadcast room and sub-control point are equipped with network call microphone workstations, which can provide background music to these areas and can make calls. Broadcast, can ring the bell broadcast regularly, and cut into the emergency broadcast in case of emergency alarm.

Factory Industrial Analog Telephone System Project Requirements
1. According to the factory requirements, the industrial analog telephone system requirements are designed together with the fire protection system. When an emergency occurs, the fire center can trigger the broadcast to enter the fire broadcast state.
2. Industrial analog telephones should be designed in all areas of the factory: the production workshop is mainly used to broadcast notices and broadcast music to and from work; the office area and outdoor activity area are usually used to play some background music and some notices; the staff living area mainly plays background. Music and notifications.
3. Requires a convenient industrial analog phone function. Not only can the management center broadcast some news to the whole plant or to a certain plant, and the relevant office staff can broadcast directly to any factory in the office. Each workshop supervisor can also independently broadcast to his workshop.

Plant Broadcasting Telephone Effect of The Implementation
The factory encountered an automatic fire alarm. When there is a fire in the factory, the fire center will transfer the fire signal to the broadcast center, and the broadcast server will automatically enter the fire broadcast. In order to avoid unnecessary panic, we design such an alarm method
(1) If there is a fire in the workshop or warehouse, the whole factory enters the state of the fire alarm industrial analog phone. The audio file played can directly indicate the fire in a certain area, so that the personnel can be quickly and effectively reach the fire scene and put out the danger.
(2) If there is a fire in the office area, the office area and living area enter the state of the alarm industrial analog phone. This is mainly to avoid causing panic among the workshop staff. After all, there are many types of equipment in the workshop, and people are prone to accidents.
(3) If there is a fire in the living area, only the living area enters the alarm industrial analog telephone state, and the living area generally has a small-scale danger, and a lot of personnel can be extinguished.

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