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Plant Broadcasting Telephone

The growing popularity of industrial mobile phones is very close to the ease of use of AT commands. Industrial mobile phones do not have a keyboard, no LCD screen, and its function is completely dependent on the software. The AT command bridges the communication between the computer and the GSM peripheral. The originator of the AT command is the first to push the hayes of the dial-up era. In the early 1990s, the AT command was only used as a modem. At that time, in order to control the Modem work, the original well-known communication equipment manufacturer Hayes developed a set of instructions to control the operation of the Modem through communication software (such as HyperTerminal).

Plant Broadcasting Telephone Applications

According to the product interface, the industrial mobile phone series has four serial ports, USB, RJ45 network port and PCI. According to the number of inserted sim cards, it is divided into single port, four port, and eight ports. Each interface has its own application area.

The serial port is generally used on a PC server, with a suction cup antenna, which is fixed in one position for a long time. The advantage is that it does not need any driver, suitable for various operating systems, especially the old version of Linux, RS232 serial cable has fixed bolts, the suction cup antenna has a large magnetic force, and can be attached to the chassis to provide long-term stable GSM signal. This can be considered in a general machine room.

Usb is generally used for desktops and notebooks, with short rod antennas, powered by USB, except for a USB extension cable, there is no extra connection, virtual com port through USB driver, both com stability and USB Flexibility.

The RJ45 network port is mainly used in the network environment. The application software and the short message device can be separated, and can be remotely controlled through the local area network, and operate as if it is on the local machine. This is attributed to a protocol, COM over TCP/IP, which encapsulates the RS232 serial communication protocol on the tcp/ip protocol, thus breaking the RS232 transmission distance limit, theoretically up to 100M.

The Jindi industrial mobile phone with PCI interface is mainly used for embedding into a PC server or a dedicated device, such as a firewall. PCI directly takes power through the PCI slot, and communication is still done through the COM port. According to the number of inserted sim cards, single-port and multi-port. Due to the limitations of the base station, GSM cats generally do not exceed 600 one-hour transmission speed. If you want to send more customers in a short period of time, you should consider purchasing an 8-port SMS device. 4800 can be sent in one hour. The 8-port SMS device is not enough to buy more than one, and the number of SMS messages is doubled.

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