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Robust Auto Dial Telephone
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Robust Auto Dial Telephone

Multi-function telephone refers to a telephone with other additional functions besides the basic functions of numbering, ringing and calling.
Features include:
1. Number resend function. After picking up the phone, press the redial button (usually “#” button) to re-send the number you just typed before hanging up;
2. Send a closed sound function. You can press the closed key (usually the "*" key) during the call to make the other party unable to hear the contents of the third party.
3. Number storage and abbreviated dialing function. Some common numbers are pre-stored in the telephone. If necessary, press 1~2 address keys to complete the issue, or conveniently use as a note for recording the inquiry number;
4. "R" key function. Used to implement three-party calling and use the program-controlled switch to complete certain service functions;
5. Pause function. Used to insert a waiting time between two numbers, which is suitable for the call trunk inside the user switch;
6. Music waiting function. Send music to the calling user when looking for the called person, please wait patiently;
7. P/T conversion function. The method can be converted and sent, and the pulse digital signal and the dual-tone multi-frequency digital signal are mixed and sent;
8. Long-distance lock function. Used to ban long distance telephone numbers or to limit the use of long distance calls;
9. Hands-free function. The user can implement dialing and call without mentioning the handle;
10. LCD display function. Provide time, call duration, dialed number display, etc.
11. Ringing volume adjustment function. Adjust the ringer volume as needed.
With the user's need for service functions and the continuous development of telephone technology, more additional functions may appear on the telephone.
The multi-functional telephone is a kind of intelligent telephone for telephone use. It involves computer and the network communication terminal technology, especially the design is dazzling, fashionable, diversified, exquisite in design, easy to operate, reasonable in structure, simple and novel, both It can be conveniently used at home, or can be used as a business office, and can automatically make IP calls without losing the fixed telephone function. It is a new generation of intelligent network information terminal that integrates computer, Internet and modern telecommunications technology. Telephone. For example, the multi-function telephone manufacturer Shanghai Lingqi intelligent multi-function telephone XP6100, the multi-function telephone integrates voice and data communication functions, using advanced computer technology for electronic digital photo frames, address books, incoming calls, and outgoing calls. Query and recording, 10,000 business card management; and integrate various PDA intelligent functions such as schedule, calculator, e-book, etc., fully improve the overall performance of ordinary caller ID telephone, ergonomic large 7-inch PET film (PET film is one A high-temperature resistant polyester film protects the physical properties and stability of the design. LCD screens, automatic backlights, and polyphonic ringtones are more personal and style-oriented, making them ideal for mid- to high-end business and home use.

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