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Rugged Inmate Telephone

Wall-mounted outdoor public telephone cover stainless steel telephone is mainly used for voice communication in various environments. The phone has the characteristics of easy installation, easy operation, stable operation and strong compatibility.

First, special features

1. With off-hook automatic dialing function
2. The dialed number can be arbitrarily set or modified as needed.
3. Have all the functions of a regular telephone
4. High resistance to damage, high reliability, waterproof and moisture proof
5. Suitable for use in all unattended or manned environments

Second, application examples

1. For the highway to call for help
2. For dialing calls by rail or subway
3. For bank teller machines, city convenience stations, call complaints, repair calls, etc.

Third, the function profile

1. Customer-specific service hotline.
2. Automatic dialing function. Lift the handset will automatically pick you up to the "Customer Service Center" after 35 seconds.
3, manual shortcut function. You can choose any of the following menus depending on your needs.

Four. Functional characteristics

1. Ordinary phone function, dial by button
2. Lift the machine to automatically dial, the button is only used for deposit number
3. On the ordinary phone function, you can pick up the speed dial, you can save up to 4 groups of speed dial numbers.

Such as Press "1" telephone bank "××××××××"
Press "2" ATM fault "××××××××"
According to “6” Guotong Securities entrusted telephone “××××××××”
According to “8” Guoxin Securities entrusted telephone “××××××××”
Press "9" Security Duty Room "××××××××"
Press “0” Customer Service Center “××××××××”
4. No ordinary telephone function can be equipped with speed dialing, can store up to 4 sets of speed dial numbers, and the keys can only be used as deposit numbers.

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