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Talkback Call Station With Rain Cover 2
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Talkback Call Station With Rain Cover
Talkback Call Station With Rain Cover 2
Talkback Call Station With Rain Cover 3
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Talkback Call Station With Rain Cover 2

Talkback Call Station With Rain Cover 
Excellent water resistance requires a huge cost to the manufacturer. At the beginning of each product design, the waterproof capability is a very important product quality indicator.

Determine the waterproof ability of the phone:

1. Look at the gap between the components at the opening. The product quality control requirements of the waterproof design are naturally high, because the gap between the opening parts is small enough, so if you can see the gap that should not exist in the opening part, or the parts like the button and the cap appear loose, So obviously this is a good starting point for invading internal circuits.

2. See if there is a rubber ring on the neck of the SIM card. First of all, there are not many mobile phones with this design, but once adopted, it can fully explain that the machine is very hard in the waterproof design.

3. Look at the closeness of the screen glass, the back shell and the frame in the fuselage. When the mobile phone used a replaceable battery in the early years, the back shell can be opened with a fingernail. This design is almost destined to have a poor seal, so the tightness of the back shell and the glass cover to the fuselage is also very close. Important sealing indicators. Some models may not have good sealing performance due to poor tolerance control or time course, and even the glass cover or the backshell may be lifted.

There are two kinds of waterproof mobile phones, one is waterproof, and the mobile phone is not afraid of rain. Some can also be used within 1 meter of water depth, but the time can only be limited by 30 minutes. The other is to install a waterproof device. As long as it is equipped with a diving box designed specifically for waterproof mobile phones, the average mobile phone can be used within 30 to 40 meters of water depth.

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