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The Industrial Sip Phone
The Industrial Sip Phone
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Industrial Broadcasting Station
The Industrial Sip Phone
Industrial Broadcasting Station 3
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Industrial Waterproof Telephone 3
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The Industrial Sip Phone

The Industrial Sip Phone, suitable for internal network of enterprises and institutions, carrier-class IP telephony operation network and users with INTERNET broadband access. It not only supports the voice functions that traditional commercial systems can provide, but also supports application modes such as conference calls, telephone recording, and Internet voice calls. In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet and smart terminals, people have frequently used Skype, Viber, FaceTime, etc. The OTT service makes calls, and the time spent on traditional phones is getting less and less. Juniper Research predicts that 1 billion people will use voice and video calling services through App and mobile devices by 2017. Mobile VoIP Internet telephony based on the SIP protocol Session Initiated Protocol, or mobile IP phones, has become an overwhelming replacement for traditional phones.

The industrial sip phone is based on various resources of the platform and the special functions of the IP network and realizes the Softswitch application service, which is suitable for personal desktop applications. The sip softphone service implements voice communication, data communication and other functions through a personal desktop terminal, and manages user accounts through the OSS system.

The Industrial Sip Phone Function

Outgoing, Incoming, SoftPhone for the secondary call, group call, custom group call, redial, incoming call conference, SoftPhone number for the call already called, a simultaneous ringing function for multiple calls, automatic answering function, random selection of extension number function, USB phone access, mobile office, etc.

The Industrial Sip Phone Configuration Management

Call history, personal address book function, corporate address book function, view local number, change password, transfer number function, transfer number function, open card operation, query and recharge account.
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