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Tunnel Emergency Telephone 4

The tunnel telephone is an industrial telephone designed and manufactured for the unique environment of the tunnel. It is suitable for use in subways, mines, etc., which have special requirements for moisture, fire, noise, dust, frost, and vandalism.

Tunnel Emergency Telephone Claim

1. The phone will not have quality problems after 3 to 5 years of normal use in a high (tidal) wet environment.
2. The protection level of the telephone must be above IP66, otherwise, it will not be able to achieve real moisture.
3. In some special circumstances, the buttons must be displayed with fluorescent light for emergency help.
4. Built-in number storage and speed dialing function, in order to quickly contact the outside of the tunnel, implement emergency assistance

Tunnel Emergency Telephone Value

1. Using optical fiber network for IP digital signal transmission, abandoning the traditional program-controlled telephone needs to lay a large number of analog telephone lines and difficult to check the risk of failure, with high transmission speed and high stability, and also facilitate subsequent expansion increments
2. The attendant can answer the group and support the transfer of calls to their mobile phones to ensure that the phone does not miss the call.
3. The whole process of recording during the call can be inquired later
4. Open API interface to provide users with cost-effective post-service access

Tunnel Emergency Telephone Network Characteristics

1.WAN/LAN: Support for bridge mode
2. Support PPPoE for xDSL
3. Support VLAN
4. Support Stun penetration
5. Support DHCP to obtain IP from WAN port
6.QoS supports Diffserv
7. Support network tools: including ping, traceroute, telnet client Maintenance Management
9. The phone supports POST mode. The firmware can be upgraded through POST mode.
10. Support different levels of management
11. Support boot monitor
12. Upgrade firmware via boot monitor
13. Support HTTP, FTP, TFTP, etc. to update software or configuration files.
14. Support Telnet remote management file upload and download
15. Support Auto provision (automatically update firmware or configuration file)
16. Support system log (Syslog) viewing function
17. Can be managed through the web, Telnet configuration and keyboard operation
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