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Tunnel Emergency Telephone 6

The automatic dialing emergency call first pre-stores the number to be dialed in the telephone. As long as the handset is lifted during use, the telephone will automatically dial the pre-stored number for the call. Automatic dialing emergency calls are widely used in bank customer service lines, mobile, China Unicom customer lines, national grid customer service lines and other large group companies and stations, terminals, airports, hospitals, convention centers and other places where people gather to call customer service consultation and emergency help.

Tunnel Emergency Telephone Features

1. After picking up the phone for 3 seconds, automatically connect the pre-set customer service phone in the no dialing state, and ask for help or consult the manual service. There is a ring function that accepts incoming calls.
2. With a keyboard lock, support for setting emergency call help phone, within 3 seconds of lifting the microphone, only manual calls 110, 120, 119 and other free special service numbers are allowed.
3. If the handset is not dropped after the call ends, or if the person has left, or the handset is turned on and dropped, the machine will automatically hang up after 10 seconds to prevent busy.
4. The set information is not lost after power-off and is permanently saved.
5. Built-in interface, the access phone line is not exposed, to prevent the phone line from being broken or the private phone to steal the phone.
6. Full metal casing, engineering plastic telephone phone handle, metal retaining wire tube, the whole machine anti-drop, anti-mite, anti-mite, durable, with a strong anti-malicious attack ability.
7. If someone is found to be maliciously damaged by monitoring, the phone can be called back immediately, the phone is automatically connected, and the speaker is activated to call the scene, which plays a deterrent role.
8. The machine is beautiful and stylish, the shape is simple and smooth, with eye-catching LOGO logo and warm, clear, easy-to-understand operation tips to effectively enhance the image.
9. Reasonable structure, modular design and convenient maintenance.
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