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Industrial Communication Systems
Industrial Communication Systems

Industrial Communication Systems

PSST industrial communication system waterproof telephones with high waterproof and dustproof, high anti-damage characteristics, designed for harsh industrial environments.

Broadcasting series weatherproof telephones are engineered to the industrial plants, power stations, the armed services and heavy industry which requires very reliable telephony under noisy environments, it support LED warning lights, support for external high-decibel speakers. When the calls in, the LED starts to blink, and the horn speaker is activated, and a beep sounds. when the time is set, it will answer automatically.

At this time, the caller's voice will be broadcast by telephone. Can reach or exceed 110db. If you pick up the handset, the broadcast automatically shut down, the called party through the handset talk with the caller. If you use the IP-PBX with Puster, you can achieve group call, group call function, easy to achieve dozens of radio and telephone at the same time broadcast. According to the actual situation, customers can choose wireless, analog, and VoIP three access methods.

Usually, it has the automatical shut-off door to handle the large temperature differences, high humidity, exposure to sea water and dust, corrosive atmosphere, explosive gases/particles. As well as mechanical wear and tear, making it excellent for use as an emergency telephone.

The PSST industrial communication system waterproof telephone has the characteristics of high waterproof and dustproof and high resistance to damage. It is specially designed for the harsh industrial environment.

Radio series waterproof phone is designed for industrial plants, power plants, military and heavy industry, which needs to a very reliable telephone in noisy environments, it supports LED warning lights, supports external high decibel speakers.When entering the call, the LED starts flashing, and the speaker is activated and beeps.When time is set, it answers automatically.

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