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This series IP Phone System is the most innovative solution for VoIP telecommunication in SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) market. They provide not only traditional PBX functions such as automated attendant and voicemail, but also offer many advanced telephony features, including remote extensions, remote office connection, IVR, call recording, call detail records(CDR)…all of these can serve to greatly enhance business operations with less operation cost.

With the companies growing up and expanding, the SMBs not only require a telephony solution that meets their current needs but also need a good solution which can grow with them. CooVox Series IP Phone System is the best choice.

And this IP phone system is a hybrid communicating appliance facing SMBs all over the world, by which maximum of 500 users' registration is supported. this series is modular design (except for U20), coming with features like BLF/conference bridge/call recording/virtual fax/video calls that is easy to manage and maintain.

1. 30 ~ 500 extensions
2. 15 ~ 100 concurrent calls supported
3. G.722 HD Voice Codec supported
4. Modular design for flexible solutions
5. Web Extension
6. No license fee

This series of IP telephony system is the most innovative solution in SMB market VoIP phone.Not only do they provide traditional PBX features such as automatic operator and voicemail, also provides many senior phone functions, including remote extension, a remote office connected, IVR, call recording, call detail record (CDR)...All of these can greatly improve the business operation cost.

As the company grows and expands, small and medium-sized enterprises not only need to meet the phone solutions of current needs but also need a good solution that can be developed with them.

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