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Loud speaking weatherproof telephone
Loud speaking weatherproof telephone

Loud speaking weatherproof telephone

Overview of loud speaking weatherproof telephone PT-WFSP1

The loud speaking weatherproof telephone are fully contained with waterproof, vandal resistant housing provides complete protection against the harsh environment, resulting in high reliability of the product long MTBF. 

GSM core module supports quad-band GSM / GPRS, its working frequency band is: GSM850MHz, GSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz can be compatible with all countries of the mobile network. our GSM wireless phone embedded TCP, UDP, FTP, PPP and other protocols, according to customer requirements custom background management system.

This GSM waterproof speakphone built-in 25W power amplifier, we can customize the 30W or greater amplifier, when the calls in, automatically trigger the broadcast.

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The main feature of loud speaking weatherproof telephone PT-WFSP1

  • Cold rolled steel plate material made it high vandal resistant, weatherproof
  • 16-bit zinc alloy keypad more robust and solid
  • Weather resistant to IP55
  • Power supply: 110-220V AC or 24V DC
  • Broadcasting distance: 30-100M
  • Very loud speakerphone 25W
  • Armored cord noise canceling handset
  • Programmable remotely via SMS
  • Telephone line powered

Applications of loud speaking weatherproof telephone PT-WFSP1

widely used in the mining, marine, tunnel, steel workshop, power plant rooms, highway toll stations, hotels, parking lots, steel plants, chemical plants, power plants, coal preparation plant etc

Package of loud speaking weatherproof telephone PT-WFSP1

Size: 280*220*160mm
Packaging material: PE EPE bag, carton
Net weight: 3KG
Gross weight: 4KG


  • OEM/ODM services are available
  • Normal use, non human damage, one year warranty

Specification of loud speaking weatherproof telephone PT-WFSP1                        

Frequency Band
  • 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
  • 1.3mA @DRX=5
  • 1.2mA @DRX=9
Microphone sensitivity
  • -52dB
Audio amplifier
  • 2W
SIM card interface
  • Standard card 1.8,3.3V
Maximum storage number
  • 6 groups
  • GSM850: -109dBm
  • GSM900: -109dBm
  • DCS1800: -109dBm
  • PCS1900: -109dBm
  • 1.3mA @DRX=5
  • 1.2mA @DRX=9
Speech codec modes
  • Half Rate (HR)                       
  • Full Rate (FR)
  • Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)
  • Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR)
  • Echo Arithmetic
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Echo Suppression
  • Noise Reduction
Supply voltage
  • 9V~12V, 12V Typ
Working tempetature
  • -40°C ~ +85°C

Accessories material 
  • Handset: ABS
  • Keypad: zinc alloy
  • Hook: Aluminium alloy
  • Telephone line: Armoured cable
  • Housing: Cold rolled steel
  • Color: yellow red ... can be tailored
  • Logo, slogan can be tailored
  • External lamp and horn can be tailored
  • Handset or handfree model 
  • With keypad or without keypad 
  • VoIP GSM Analog protocols can be tailored

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