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Plant broadcasting telephone
Plant broadcasting telephone

Plant broadcasting telephone

Overview of  plant broadcasting telephone


Analog plant broadcasting telephones are engineered to deliver reliable, high quality communications in extreme harsh environments. enclosing cold rolled steel housing and 16-bit zinc alloy keypad, offering increased resistance to vandanlism, resulting in high reliability of the product long MTBF.

Alarm lamp on the top will flashing also with very loud broadcasting when incoming calls, programmable auto dial and auto answer function, can prestore one group number, pick up the phone auto dial and direct connected, self stop if the other side hangs up.

VoIp GSM protocols can be customized.

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Main features of plant broadcasting telephone PT-M-KT2

  • Standard Analog phone, VoIP, and GSM available
  • Cold rolled steel housing, impact resistant, anti-vandalism
  • Features a ruggedized zinc alloy alphanumeric keypad
  • Armored handset cord
  • Waterproof grade IP55 IP65
  • Alarm lamp will flash when an incoming call is made
  • Rust and corrosion resistant hardware
  • RJ11 phone interface
  • Build in loud speakerphone
  • 110-220V AC or 24V DC for power supply

Applications of plant broadcasting telephone PT-M-KT2

Widely used in the mining, marine, tunnel, steel workshop, power plant rooms, highway toll stations, hotels, parking lots, steel plants, chemical plants, power plants, coal preparation plant etc.

Package of plant broadcasting telephone PT-M-KT2

phone size: 280*200*160mm
Packaging material: PE EPE bag, carton
Net weight: 5.0 KG
Gross weight: 6.0 KG
Specifications of plant

 broadcasting telephone  

DTMF dialing parameters
  • Low frequency group frequency:697.770.852.941HZ
  • High frequency group frequency: 1209.1336.1477HZ
  • Frequency deviation: ≤ 1.5%
  • Low frequency group level: -9 + 3dB
  • High frequency group level: -7 + 3dB
  • Level difference : 2 + 1dB
  • Harmonic total distortion at least low 20dB than the fundamental level
Ringing tone decibel
  • 70dB
Speaker decibel
  • 90dB (external power supply)
Phone impedance
  • 600 Ω
  • EEPROM (power off without loss data)
  • RJ11 or 2P terminal
Parameter setting 
  • by keyboard DTMF dial set
  • excess of 50,000 hours using
Non - linear distortion
  • <5%
  • 48v
Working environment
  • Operating  Temperature: 30°C to +65°C 

  • Storing Temperature: 40°C to +75°C 

Accessories material 
  • Handset: ABS
  • Hook: Aluminum alloy
  • Telephone line: Armoured cable 
  • Keypad: 16-bit zinc alloy keypad
  • Housing: Cold rolled steel
  • Color: yellow red grey can be tailored
  • Logo, slogan can be tailored 
  • With keypad or without keypad 
  • External horn can be tailored
  • VoIP GSM Analog protocols can be tailored

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