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Public Courtesy Phone
Public Courtesy Phone

Public Courtesy Phone

PSST's public courtesy phone provide vandal resistant, reliable, remotely programmable communication to your customer service/security departments and automated call attendant systems. It's anti-vandal construction highly ensure that the primary function of communications is maintained at all times.

Programmed auto dial function, just pick up the handset, if there is no keypad, a pre-programmed number immediately dial automatically, if there is a keypad, waiting for 3 seconds without any operation, will automatically call the set number, in 3 seconds can dial 911 or other public emergency numbers.

Flush mounted or surface mounted installation ways extremely simple to install and maintain, the excellent idea used as a hotline phone in the banks, hotels, airports... an emergency phone in the metro, bus stations, docks, .... a help point at campuses, highways, building entrance...

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