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VoIP explosion proof telephone
VoIP explosion proof telephone

VoIP explosion proof telephone

Overview of VoIP explosion-proof telephone PT-IPFS2

The VoIP explosion-proof telephones are designed to provide safe, reliable communication for both indoor and outdoor hazardous areas, featuring a sturdy non-sparking, impact and shock resistant composite explosion-proof housing , it's ruggedly constructed to withstand the demanding conditions found within extreme environments, resulting in high reliability of the product long MTBF.

They are IP-based telephone with automatic magnetic shut-off door to handle the large temperature differences, high humidity, exposure to sea water and dust, corrosive atmosphere, explosive gases/particles, as well as mechanical wear and tear, making it excellent for use as an emergency telephone. 

The telephone is SIP compliant and operates in full-duplex mode, powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external power supply, providing an RJ-45 network interface, this interface supports 10 /100Mp Ethernet , it can be maintained and upgraded from a remote location, its working status can be viewed through the remote server, it's a versatile reliable product for security and emergency voice communications. 
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Main features of VoIP explosion-proof telephone PT-IPFS2

  • Standard VoIP telephone, analog also available
  • SMC composite explosion-proof enclosure, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, anti-static
  • Silica gel keypad waterproof, the M1 M2 key for speed dial, HF key for the hands-free model
  • Handset with noise-reducing microphone for clear communication from noisy areas
  • Waterproof grade IP67
  • Suitable for explosive gas atmospheres Zone 1,2,22
  • Suitable for IIA, IIB explosive atmosphere
  • Suitable for temperature class T1-T6
  • Ex "d" protected, intrinsically safe Ex "ib" certified
  • Wall, column, structural mounted installation
  • Explosion-proof mark: Exde[ib]ibIIBT6/DIPA20TA,T6
  • Build in 25W speakerphone, incoming call with very loud broadcasting
  • Alarm lamp on the top will flash when there is an incoming call
  • Powered by PoE or DC 12V

Applications of VoIP explosion-proof telephone PT-IPFS2

Widely used in oil exploration, chemical, military, pharmaceutical, oil refining and other hazardous environments and depots, offshore oil platform, oil tankers and other related industrial application, etc.

Package of VoIP explosion-proof telephone PT-IPFS2

phone size: 350*270*127mm
carton box size: 420*320*220mm
Packaging material: PE EPE bag, carton
Net weight: 7.5KG
Gross weight: 8.0 KG

Specificatios of VoIP explosion-proof telephone PT-IPFS2

Network Protocol
  • SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2(RFC3261)
  • TFTP Client/DHCP Client/ PPPoE Client
  • Telnet/HTTP Server
  • DNS Client
  • G.711: 64k bit/s (PCM)
  • G.723.1: 6.3k / 5.3k bit/s
  • G.726: 16k / 24k / 32k / 40k bit/s (ADPCM)
  • G.729A: 8k bit/s (CS-ACELP)
  • G.729B: adds VAD & CNG to G.729
  • Call Hold  Call Waiting  Call Forward  Caller ID 3-way conference
DTMF Function
  • In-Band DTMF
  • Out-of Band DTMF
  • SIP Info
  • Ring Tone
  • Ring Back Tone
  • Dial Tone
  • Busy Tone
  • User Programming Tone
  • HTTP 1.1 basic/digest authentication for Web setup
  • MD5 for SIP authentication (RFC2069/ RFC 2617)
Voice Quality
  • VAD: Voice activity detection
  • CNG: Comfortable noise generator
  • LEC: Line echo canceller
  • Packet Loss Compensation
  • Adaptive Jitter Buffer
Phone Function
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Speed dial, Phone book
  • Flash
  • Speaker Phone
Accessoires parameters
  • Speaker:8Ω 1.5W                 
  • Microphone: sensitivity -50db)
Electrical parameters
  • Working voltage : 9 - 18V
  • Working current : standby 100mA, 2A(maximum
Working environment
  • Ambient temperature:-20-50℃

  • Relative humidity:10-95%

Accessories material 
  • Handset: ABS
  • Keypad: Silica gel
  • Hook: SMC composite material
  • Telephone line: plastic 
  • Housing: SMC composite material
  • Color: yellow red grey can be tailored
  • Logo, slogan can be tailored
  • External lamp and horn can be tailored
  • Handset or handfree model 
  • With keypad or without keypad 
  • VoIP GSM Analog protocols can be tailored

drawing of VoIP explosion proof telephone
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