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Wireless emergency phone
Wireless emergency phone

Wireless emergency phone

Overview of wireless emergency phone PT-M-WMT1
As a standard GSM wireless emergency phone featured with corrosion resistance, weatherproof housing, durable button, compatible with all countries of the mobile network to ensure the primary function of communications is maintained at all times, resulting in high reliability of the product long MTBF.

Programmble remotely via SMS, can prestore 6 groups of telephone numbers, one button push to call, if first first number doesn't answer or is busy, auto dials next number untill it get through. also ability to automatically identify attendant of location of calling phone. build in speakerphone, incoming calls with very loud sound.

Extremely simple to install and maitain.
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Main features of wireless emergency phone PT-M-WMT1

  • Standard GSM phone, VoIP, and analog available
  • Cold rolled steel housing and stainless steel button, corrosion resistant and weatherproof
  • Weather resistant to IP65
  • Built-in loudspeaker, noise-canceling microphone
  • Eye-catching coating, high visibility
  • Programmable remotely via SMS
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Fast-fit connect to the management center
  • One push auto dail, if the first number doesn't answer or is busy, dials next number until get through
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Line powered or external DC 5V-9V power supply

Applications of wireless emergency phone PT-M-WMT1

Widely used in the place of waterproof, moisture proof, fireproof, dustproof such as mining, marine, underground, metro stations, railway platform, highway side, hotels, parking lots, steel Plants, chemical plants, power plants and related heavy duty industrial...etc

Package of wireless emergency phone PT-M-WMT1

phone size: 220*170*50mm
Packaging material: PE EPE bag, carton
Net weight: 3.0KG
Gross weight: 4.0 KG

Specifications of wireless emergency phone PT-M-WMT1

Frequency Band
  • 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
  • 1.3mA @DRX=5
  • 1.2mA @DRX=9
Microphone sensitivity
  • -52dB
Audio amplifier
  • 2W
SIM card interface
  • Standard card 1.8,3.3V
Maximum storage number
  • 6 groups
  • GSM850: -109dBm
  • GSM900: -109dBm
  • DCS1800: -109dBm
  • PCS1900: -109dBm
  • 1.3mA @DRX=5
  • 1.2mA @DRX=9
Speech codec modes
  • Half Rate (HR)                       
  • Full Rate (FR)
  • Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)
  • Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR)
  • Echo Arithmetic
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Echo Suppression
  • Noise Reduction
Supply voltage
  • 9V~12V, 12V Typ
Working tempetature
  • -40°C ~ +85°C
Accessories material 
  • Housing: Cold rolled steel
  • Button: Metal stainless steel
  • External antenna: Plastic
  • Color: yellow red grey can be tailored
  • Logo, slogan can be tailored
  • One or tow call button can be tailored 
  • VoIP GSM Analog protocols can be tailored

drawing of Wireless emergency phone
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